Adventure Quest

The Cub Scout Journey

Planning our journey
From the large map of the lands of Adventure, our Cub pack will pick a land to explore. You find out about the lands a little later on.
We then decide what activities to do in the land.  We plan the details and make sure we have enough time for  the activities.  Make sure to look at the Travel Cards in the back of the Adventure Quest  book and see which Travel Card we can use.

On our Adventure
When we visit a land remember what activities we decided to do and try and achieve them.

Reviewing what we have done
When we get back from our adventure it’s a good idea to find out how we did.
Review the activities with your Six and then the whole Pack. If we have done what we said we would do then we clip our Travel Card.

When you collected all the clips on one side of the Travel Card one of the Leaders will give you a bead to put on your toggle.

When you have collected one SPICES bead from each SPICES section you can trade your beads for a Personal Journey Badge.
So six different SPICES beads equals a badge.

Turas – this means journey
Taisteal – this means travel
Tagann – this means arrive