Bear Six



Erin – Sixer
Mannix – Seconder


First Night 01/10/2014

This week in Wednesday Night Cubs we promoted lots of Cubs to Sixers and Seconders. Then all the Sixers were told to inspect the rest of their Six. I am the Sixer of the Bear Six so I had to inspect them. gave Mannix a 10, Ray a 10 Callum a 9 and Jack an 8. Then after inspection we moved people around and every Sixer got theirs Six’s badge. Then we called Grand Howl and they asked me to show our new Cub Quintin how it is done right.

Second Week 08/10/2014

This week in Wednesday Night Cubs we picked out 5 bloggers for each of their Sixes. As a Sixer I was picked, Jessica was picked, Chloe was picked, Niamh was picked, and finally Dara was picked. The after we played Land, Sea and Air. With Cormac I came third, Peter came second and Matthew came first. At the end we played a new game. I was on team B and we never won. Then we did Grand Howl and the Leaders said it was perfect.

Kilruddery 12/10/2014

Today we went up to Kilruddery for a hike with Wednesday Night Cubs. A lot of different Cub and Beaver Packs joined us on our walk. One of the Leaders Adrienne brought her camera to take pictures and give them to Rory (another Leader) to put up on the Wednesday Night Cubs website. It was great fun and a good laugh in my opinion and I would definitely go again.

Outrageously amazing pieces of camping gear

Hello from Mannix at the Bear Six. As good cubs we need good camping gear, so I have researched two outrageously amazing pieces of camping gear.First we have the Swisschamp XAVT80 Swiss Army Knife.A must have piece with 80 functions.Size : L 9.1cm x W 2.7cm x H 6.45cm.  Very large but very amazing, includes everything you find on a normal swiss army knife but has much more like a digital clock, barometer, thermometer and a complete set of screwdrivers and it only weighs 350g and costs €306! If that’s too much maybe you can try some Glow In The Dark Toilet Roll. It’s very good if it’s dark and you’re out camping and if the light is broken in the hostel, it would be handy. Works like normal toilet roll. Costs around €6.50.

Goodbye I am leaving now but I will be back with more helpful and outrageous camping gear.