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Wednesday 14th May

Hi all,

We did a treasure hunt around the harbour, we found out when the group was founded, what month the leaders were born in and what height the railway bridge is!!  We discovered that people who smoke must use lighters these days, we couldn’t find a single discarded matchbox in the whole harbour area!!  We watched the scouts doing their swim test for a little while.  One of the items we had to find out about was Ned’s Silver Elk hanging in the ward room, Adrienne explained what a Founders Day Award is, and how important that one is, also who Ned was etc.

Please keep a close eye on the website as boating season has kicked off.
Our nights on the water still have to be confirmed but they may change depending on the weather.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

Wednesday 29th May

Hi all

Tonight we spoke about the avalanche, and ended up having a discussion about surviving avalanches on Mount Everest!!  We finished off the last few doing the First Aid and handed out 15 Stage 2 badges, which all have to be on the uniforms for next week.  Cormac worked on Stage 2 of the first aid badge with the Chiefs Scouts crowd.  Then we got them into groups and asked them to come up with a kit list for going to Tipperary, there was some interesting items!!  Karen handed out the kit list and instructions for Tipp.

The total raised for Nepal was €115.30 the Cubs should be so proud of themselves, the Leaders certainly are.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

Wednesday 22nd April

Hi all,

We kicked off with footdrill and then went over Emergencies Stage 2.
We will be presenting the badges next week to the Cubs who have completed the necessary work.
If you haven’t completed it you have until next week to ensure you have the work done including the map and the first aid kit.

REMEMBER if you don’t do the work you don’t get the badge, if you’re not sure contact one of the Leaders

Our Cubs doing the CSA are progressing nicely under Cormacs care.

As the boating season is nearly upon us we spoke about wetsuits. The Cubs don’t need a wetsuit to go out on the water but if you are getting one
– Buy a wetsuit not a dry suit
– Buy a cheap one, they’ll only get this year out of it
– Buy a long sleeved long legged version
– Buy one that is nice and snug on, buying a loose one that they “will grow      into” is a complete waste of money and they might as well just wear their togs.

More info on the boating season in the coming weeks but if you do have any questions please feel free to ask one of the Leaders

We discussed our summer camp, we’re going to Ballinderry the weekend of 22nd 23rd 24th May.
This has yet to be confirmed along with price, times travel arrangements etc.

We had a game of groups finished and finished off with Grand Howl

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

Wednesday 15th April

Hi all,

Back after our Easter break but not an egg to be seen.
We kicked off with some footdrill and then we talked about the SPICES

After the SPICES we discussed the Scout Method.

We then split into two groups for badge work, one group for the CSA with Cormac and the other for Emergencies.
We had a look at the great maps drawn showing the route from the fire station to our houses and checked out some of the first aid kits.
We learned how to use our kneckers as slings.

For all doing the Emergencies badge please go over the requirements for Stages 1 and 2 HERE

We will be awarding the badges in the next couple of weeks

We finished off with Simon says and land, sea air then Grand Howl and off home we went.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

Wednesday 25th March

Hi all,

NB There is no meeting for 2 weeks
Cubs will be back on the 15th of April.
We started tonight watching a video of the US Marine Corp Silent Drill Platoon.
Tonight we discussed our code of conduct and the decision was made to create a new one once we’re back after the Easter break.

We played bucket ball and then did our badge work.
Those doing Emergencies must have their own First Aid kits done>
They need to draw a map with directions and landmarks showing the route the Fire Brigade would take from the Boghall Rd to their house.

We finished with Grand Howl and headed off into a cold wet night.

Enjoy the Easter break.
Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

Wednesday 11th March

Hi all,

We went through the parade, uniform etc. then we did some Emergency badgework.
The CSA’s were planning their camp.
The first aiders were putting people into the recovery position, in some cases I think they might have killed the patient!!
We had two new cubs down, Oisin and Jack both are very welcome

No meeting until the 25th March

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

Wednesday 4th March

Hi all,

Tonight we looked at all the lovely entries for the Parade Poster competition.
You can see some of the posters HERE more to come.

And the winner was ……..Jessica Doyle’s poster

Well done to all who entered, the standard was very high, and the judges had a very hard time choosing the winner.

We broke into our CSA (Chief Scout Award) and Emergencies groups
Next week we’ll be looking at the “recovery position” so please make sure you research it.

For the CSA please make sure you keep up to date with the work.
If you are not turning in the work on time the Leaders will speak to you and see can they help but if you continue not turning in the work required we’ll remove you from the CSA group.
There is a huge amount to get through, it is very highly regarded award and not easy to achieve.
It’s not fair on the other Cubs and Cormac who’s running it if people can’t be bothered doing the work.
Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

Wednesday 18th February

Hi all,

NB Please ensure you have your €1 subs each week

Tonight we spoke about our trip to Belfast this Saturday (See the separate note)
We also spoke about the upcoming St Patrick’s Day parade,
It looks like Wednesday Night Cubs will be well represented especially as it is our 50th anniversary.

All those Cubs taking part in the parade will be allowed to attend the planned sleepover in the den (More on that in the coming weeks)

We did some footdrill, learned how to fall in 3 deep. The Cubs are really doing well and are the best at footdrill in the group.

Cormac took those doing the Chief Scout Award through some Emergencies to get them to Stage 2

Before we finished up he went through the basic rules of Ice Hockey so we have some idea what’s going on.

We did Grand Howl and headed home

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

Wednesday 4th Feb February

Hi all,

Last night we went through what should be in a personal first aid kit and some Cubs brought them down. One we saw from Felix was excellent.

We discussed the St Patrick’s Day parade and the poster competition for the float.
All Cubs can enter the theme is Scout sign/neckerchief/badges.
Practice on A4 and then we’ll move onto A3

We finished with Grand Howl and headed home

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

Wednesday 28th January

Hi all,

Tonight we continued with the Chief Scout Award, Emergencies Stage 1 and 2 and discussed the trip to Belfast.

For all those working on the CSA please start thinking of you Special Interest badges.

For all those doing the Emergences badges you will need to have a list of what should go in a personal first aid kit.
Check you have a first aid kit at home, know where it is and check the contents.

Remember if you don’t have the work done you won’t get the badge.

We did some footdrill in preparation for the St.Patrick’s Day parade (more on that next week)

Anyone travelling to Belfast please have your €50 in as soon as possible.

We finished as always with Grand Howl and headed home.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders