Wednesday 21st October

Hi all,

Tonight we went over the SPICES and how we included all on our recent hike up Bray Head.
S – Social
P – Physical
I – Intellectual
C – Character
E – Emotional
S – Spiritual

Have a think about everything you do and which SPICES you could apply to them.

Isobel brought down some lovely Cookie Monster buns for her Special Interest Badge, she had written out all the ingredients and steps to make them.
Jude brought down his skateboard and his projects about his favourite skateboarders, the types of boards, the parts and the different tricks.
He performed a trick himself.

We then decorated biscuits for Halloween.

We sorted out our Sixes and promoted new Seconders and Sixers.
Congratulation to all.

Yours in Scouting
Then Leaders

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