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Ballinderry Photos and Videos

Hi all,

Photos HERE

Videos HERE

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

Wednesday 27th May

Hi all,

Tonight we started off with foot drill, learning how to fall in two deep and three deep.
We then discussed the Cubs in a Pub camp and everyone agreed it was a success, the talent show was the highlight for most people.

We played the balloon bursting game, a balloon was tied around each cubs ankle and then all hell broke loose.

Oisin was victorious and got a great round of applause.
Light refreshments were had and after Grand Howl everyone headed home.

NB Only 2 weeks left 3rd and 10th of June
We hope to be on the water on the 10th so please keep checking the site.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

No Water Activities Tonight

Hi all,

We are having a regular meeting tonight due to the weather.
Please do not arrive in your wetsuits (“,)

We are not on the water tonight

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

On the Water

Hi all,

We’re hoping to be on the water Wednesday 27th May.
Please note a final decision will be made tomorrow and be posted to the site at 5pm so make sure to check back.

If we are on the water make sure to bring spare runners, wetsuit if you have it, a towel and a plastic bag for the wet clothes.

Please make sure to also bring a warm jacket or hoodie as you will be cold once we’re finished.

Please be at the den at 7 sharp so we can get everyone out.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

Cubs in a Pub – The Revenge Ballinderry 2015


Such was the success of the Cubs in a Pub camp 2014 Wednesday Night Cubs decided we would go there once again.

We met at Bray Dart station on Friday and made our into the city centre, from there we got a bus to Nenagh.
From Nenagh we got a mini bus and lifts with the Leaders to The Tavern.

Those doing the Chief Scout Award started pitching their tents. This proved to be extremely difficult as it was pitch black apart form a couple of head torches.

Did we stop pitching our tents? Did we give up? Did we throw in the towel?
No we brought them into the lounge arranged the poles where there should be then brought them back out and pitched them.

We had a tent for the girls, a tent for the lads and one for Cormac.

Once everyone was setup up we had a quick supper. We played some games were played before bedtime, thankfully one of the Cubs found the darts so a quick game of 501 was had.

Everyone headed to be about midnight, apart from the Leaders who were up even later discussing the pros and cons of Blue Bloods, The Musketeers, The Blacklist and so on.

The following morning we got up and headed to Rory’s Rock Bar for breakfast, cereal, toast, sausage and rashers all served with Bolt Thrower and ACDC playing in the background.

Once we tidied up, we sorted out our rooms and tents ready for inspection. Inspection is not done for the sheer hell of it as we found out when talking about the Scout Promise and Law. Taking care of and having respect for yourself and others and their possessions and property is a huge part of the Scout Law.
Out of 10 the highest score was a 9, let down by a single chocolate button under the bed.

Cormac and Rory took us through the Scout Promise and the Scout Law.
It is very important to understand what both mean. It is what Scouting is based on. It’s all about doing your best, not anyone else’s just your own.

We spent a lot of time outside playing football, capture the flag and just running around in the fresh air.
Amazing what happens when you turn off the WIFI and open the doors.

After this we had some free time to work on our song, dance, comedy routine for “WEDNESDAY NIGHTS GOT TALENT PART 2”

After lunch we headed out to the local playground and went for a walk around the park in Borrisokane.

We did some backwoods and fire lighting in the evening before dinner.

A dinner of chicken curry and chips or spag bol was had and this was then followed by the Talent Show, and what a talented group we have.
Last years acts were hard to beat, we had some entrants returning and some new to the stage.

We had singing, dancing, jokes, and card tricks.
Once the show had finished a disco kicked off. We danced the night away to “Starship”, “Shake it Off” had everyone dancing their hearts out.

We ended the night watching The Eurovision Song Contest.

Sunday morning after breakfast we started packing up and cleaning the pub ready for the off.
A huge difference in the room inspection on Sunday, tents were swept, coat hangers straightened and all chocolate buttons disposed of.
And everyone got a 10.
As everyone helped it didn’t take long and we were soon ready for a lunch of hot-dogs before heading for home.

Well done to Felix who was invested
Well done to Felix and Daniel who were promoted to Senior Sixer
Well done to all those who earned their Stage 2 Emergencies badges
Well done to those CSA Cubs for taking another step closer to completion.
Well done to Cormac for completing his first camp as a fully fledged Leader

Thanks must go out to the following people

  • The parents for taking home the rubbish and their kids
  • The Cubs themselves for having a great time and behaving themselves
  • Adrienne, Karen, Fiona (thanks for coming back) Rory and Cormac
  • And most importantly to Derek and Amanda for allowing us to use their holiday home again.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

Ballinderry Meeting Arrangements

Hi all

Meeting at 4.40pm tomorrow at Bray Dart Station.
Do not be late we’re getting the 4.55pm Dart.

If you miss the Dart you’ll need to make your own way down.

4.40pm and don’t forget your sleeping bag.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

Wednesday 14th May

Hi all,

We did a treasure hunt around the harbour, we found out when the group was founded, what month the leaders were born in and what height the railway bridge is!!  We discovered that people who smoke must use lighters these days, we couldn’t find a single discarded matchbox in the whole harbour area!!  We watched the scouts doing their swim test for a little while.  One of the items we had to find out about was Ned’s Silver Elk hanging in the ward room, Adrienne explained what a Founders Day Award is, and how important that one is, also who Ned was etc.

Please keep a close eye on the website as boating season has kicked off.
Our nights on the water still have to be confirmed but they may change depending on the weather.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

No water activities tonight

Hi all,

Please note we are NOT on the water tonight.

The Leaders

Ballinderry 2015

On Wednesday night can the Cubs please confirm if they are going to the hostel in Ballinderry as we need to book tickets for the bus.  We will leave Bray at approx. 6pm on Friday 22nd May and finish in Ballinderry at 1pm on Sunday 24th.  We would hope that the Cubs doing the Chief Scouts Award with Cormac will be able to attend as they will be camping in the garden and it is a requirement to complete their badge.  If any Cub needs a lift or if you can offer a lift back to Bray please let us know.    You can email Karen at or phone one of the Leaders.  There is a “Permission to Camp” form and kit list available on the link if the Cubs did not collect them from the den.  We have also provided a map/directions to The Tavern in Ballinderry.

PC Form Directions to Ballinderry Camp Kit List

Wednesday 29th May

Hi all

Tonight we spoke about the avalanche, and ended up having a discussion about surviving avalanches on Mount Everest!!  We finished off the last few doing the First Aid and handed out 15 Stage 2 badges, which all have to be on the uniforms for next week.  Cormac worked on Stage 2 of the first aid badge with the Chiefs Scouts crowd.  Then we got them into groups and asked them to come up with a kit list for going to Tipperary, there was some interesting items!!  Karen handed out the kit list and instructions for Tipp.

The total raised for Nepal was €115.30 the Cubs should be so proud of themselves, the Leaders certainly are.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders