Wednesday 15th April

Hi all,

Back after our Easter break but not an egg to be seen.
We kicked off with some footdrill and then we talked about the SPICES

After the SPICES we discussed the Scout Method.

We then split into two groups for badge work, one group for the CSA with Cormac and the other for Emergencies.
We had a look at the great maps drawn showing the route from the fire station to our houses and checked out some of the first aid kits.
We learned how to use our kneckers as slings.

For all doing the Emergencies badge please go over the requirements for Stages 1 and 2 HERE

We will be awarding the badges in the next couple of weeks

We finished off with Simon says and land, sea air then Grand Howl and off home we went.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

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