Belfast Trip 2015

Hi all

Photos from the trip are HERE
On Saturday 21st of February we once again made our way north of the border>
We met at the den at 9am and headed up the M50.
Joe as always drove so we knew we were in safe hands.
We made our regular pit stop in the Applegreen to stretch our legs.
We arrived at the Armagh Planetarium and after a quick look around the gift shop headed into the dome roofed auditorium for the show.
We were taken of a 3D adventure through space where we learned about the planets and their atmosphere in our solar system.

Our guide for the day was Martina and she was great with us, explaining loads to us and answering all our questions,
After that we had a look at a meteorite which was made up of so much iron magnets could stick to it. We got to hold a small meteorite and a regular stone to see the difference in weight.

After that we went to an area where we saw models of different space station and telescopes and learned what it would be like to live in space.

We then had our packed lunches

After lunch we headed into a magic science show and learned about static electricity and played with balloons,lights, and copper coil torches.

We got to make some rocket models before we headed off to the Odyssey.

Before we went inside the we met some Scout from Unit 62 from Belfast who were organising a conga line to show their Leaders. They’re going to the World Jamboree in Japan.

The video is HERE

We had dinner in Pizza Hut and then headed into the arena.
We got out picture taken with Finn McCool the Giants mascot.
We had great seats only 3 rows from the front.
It was a great game, very exciting but unfortunately despite all the cheering on from the Cubs the Giants lost 6-3 to the Edinburgh Capitals.

And to make matters worse there were no fights (“,)

We headed home and arrived in Bray very tired but happy at 12.15

As always we’d like to thank the following
– All in the Armagh Planetarium but especially Martina
– The staff in Pizza Hut for getting us fed so quickly
– The staff in the Odyssey
– Finn McCool and Mr Subway
– The Cubs and their parents
– Joe our bus driver
– Boo and Brian for helping out
– The Leaders

Photos from the trip are HERE

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