Wednesday 11th February

Hi all,

Reminder there is no Cubs tonight

Last night we visited Bray Garda Station.
We were met by Garda Sergeant Fitzpatrick and Garda Nolan.
They told us about the working of the station.

We first went into the control room where we saw all the monitors for the CCTV. We were able to see the main street and the beach.

Garda Nolan did a radio check with one of the patrol cars and he explained how they handle calls coming in from the public

From there we went down to see the cell. We were shown where you get book in and your details taken. We didn’t see the adults cells as someone was in them!!!!!!!!

We did see the juvenile cells, a juvenile is between 12 and 18. Not a nice place to spend some time so we won’t be seeing them any-time soon.

After that we saw the room where they do the fingerprinting and breath tests.

We finished up by hopping into one of the police vans.

A really great night and all in Wednesday Night Cubs would like to extend our thanks to Garda Sergeant Fitzpatrick, Garda Nolan and all the Guards in Bray

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

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