Wednesday 21st January

Hi all,

Tonight we spoke about our trip to Belfast (see the separate note)

We spilt into our different badge groups.
Cormac took those who are doing their Chief Scout Awards, they went through the requirements and were given an application form (if you didn’t get one they’ll be available next week)

Rory took those who will be moving to Scouts to explain how the move works.

Karen and Adrienne went through Stages 1 and 2 of the Emergencies Adventure Skills badge (details HERE)
Here’s what you need to be able to do for both stages

Stage 1
• I know what should be in my personal First Aid
• I know the basic rules of First Aid.
• I know the different emergency services that are
available and how and when to call them.
• I know how to use the “Buddy” system.
• I know how to treat minor cuts.
• I can get help and make a report properly if
someone is hurt.
• I can be responsible for my own health and
Stage 2
• I have made my own First Aid Kit and I know
how and when to use it.
• I know how and when to place someone into the
recovery (safe airway) position.
• I know the importance of providing shelter and
• I know how to use a Scout neckerchief as a
makeshift bandage in an emergency.
• I understand why I should follow directions from
an instructor.
• I know how to keep myself safe in an
• I can direct help/rescue services to a location.Adventure Skill.
The whole Cub Pack will be working on this.

Don’t forget to get your articles, stories, pictures, photos into Rory for your Six blog.

We finished with grand howl and headed home

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

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