Our Cub Bloggers – Important Note for Parents

As you may know each of the Sixes now have their own page on the website.
Each month one of the Six will be the “Six Blogger”
They will keep a diary of what they as a Six did during the month and it will be posted to the site.
The Sixers will be our Bloggers for October.

To have pictures, notes, photos posted to the website you can do one of two things.

  1. Bring down the pictures etc to Rory and he will scan them in and post to the website.
  2. Email the information to Rory and he will post to the website.


ONLY Rory has access rights to post to the Website
ONLY material reviewed and approved by the Leaders will be posted to the website.
If anyone wants anything removed from the website for any reason they should contact Rory who will remove it without question
If the Cubs choose to email the information they MUST put a parent or guardian on the email also, if they fail to do so, parents will be notified.
Rory will reply ONLY to parents or guardians to notify them when the material is available on the site.
NO emails will be sent to the Cubs
If any Parent wants to discuss our Blog further please feel free to contact Rory.

Email Rory HERE

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