Wednesday 1st October

Hi all,

Subs of €125 are due by 22nd Oct. 10% discount for anyone with a sibling in the Group. Please talk in the strictest of confidence to one of the Leaders about the Subs if you need to.

Tonight we discussed the new Sixes, Bear, Wolf, Lion, Puma and Falcon.
We we given new membership forms to be filled out. Please make sure that all medical information is provided. It is all confidential.

We played shoes and shapes.

We then promoted some of the Cubs to Senior Sixers, they’ll be moving to Scouts soon.

We also promoted new Sixers and Seconders and then divided the rest of the pack into the new watches.

Our Sixers are: Erin, Jessica, Niamh, Chloe and Dara
Our Seconders are: Mannix, Claudia, Jacob, Jack and Ray.
Congratulations to all on their promotions.

Each Six has a page on the website and it is up to them to fill it.
This month the Sixers will be the Six Blogger and will give Rory what they want posted to their page. Next month it will be the turn of the Seconders and so on.

The Leaders won’t be posting to the pages (with the exception of Rory)
If the Cubs don’t have anything to post they end up with a blank page.

We did Grand Howl and headed home.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

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