Cubs in a Pub – Ballinderry 2014

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Yes you read the title correctly. Wednesday Night Cubs spent their summer camp in a pub.

Now before anyone phones the ISPCC let’s explain.

The brother of Adrienne, Karen and Fiona has bought a pub “The Tavern” and is using it as a holiday home.
All the pub equipment is still there, tables and chairs, glasses, cooking equipment, optics, pumps and a firm favourite, the thing for washing glasses.

BUT the pumps aren’t connected to kegs of Guinness so let’s not panic.
So that’s where we had our Summer Camp and it was brilliant.

We met at the den and with our trusty driver Joe we headed off for Ballinderry.
2.5 hours later we reached out destination and quickly settled in.

There was much amusement amongst the Cubs at the thought of spending a weekend in a pub and they loved it.

We got everyone set up for the night, the girls had a room to share, the lads were sleeping on the dance-floor, something the Leaders hope won’t happen to them again until they’re at least 21.
A number of games were played before bedtime, Chess, a ball game, even a few hands of poker, again this is the Cubs we’re talking about.

After supper everyone headed to bed.

The following morning we got up and headed to the snug for breakfast, cereal, toast, sausage and rashers.
Once we tidied up we sorted out our bedding and gear ready for inspection. The Leaders do love a good inspection.

Adrienne and Rory took us through the history of Scouting and the essentials such as the promise and law, the handshake, scout sign and the prayer.

After this we had some free time to work on our song, dance, comedy routine for “WEDNESDAY NIGHTS GOT TALENT”

After lunch we headed out to the local playground to get rid of the cobwebs and get some fresh air

We did some pioneering in the evening before dinner and started making a dresser.

A dinner of burgers and chips was followed by the Talent Show, and what a talented group we have, Simon Cowell would have been proud.

We had singing, dancing, acting, jokes, riddles, ball skills and improv.
Once the show had finished a disco kicked off. We danced the night away to “Happy”, “Don’t Stop Believing” and Rory’s favourite “Highway to Hell” which led to a mass outbreak of head banging.

We ended the night watching “The Incredibles” and some of us watch the Champions League final. Well done Madrid, hard luck Madrid.

Sunday morning after breakfast we started packing up and cleaning the pub ready for the off.
As everyone helped it didn’t take long and we were soon ready for lunch before heading for home.

Everyone agreed it was one of the best camps we’ve ever had.

Thanks must go out to the following people

  • Joe Barnes our bus driver
  • Cormac and Laura our Leaders for helping out all weekend (and missing a party)
  • The parents for taking home the rubbish and their kids
  • The Cubs themselves for having a great time and behaving themselves
  • Adrienne, Karen, Fiona and Rory
  • And most importantly to Derek and Amanda for allowing us to use their holiday home

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders


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