Wednesday 30th April

Hi all,

We are not on the water next week, you will be told in plenty of time when we are

We were back after our Easter break, we did a round the room of what people had got up to.
Sean won hands down with a trip to Peru.

After that we spent the rest of the night preparing for the upcoming boating season.

Personal Gear:
Wetsuits – if you are buying a new wetsuit please get the full length one not the shorties. Shorties wont keep the kids warm.
Get a tight fitting wetsuit, not one that’ll last a few years, it’s not a school jumper.
The tight fitting suits let in some water which is trapped between the suit and body. The body heats this water and your left reasonably warm.

A loose fitting suit is of no use at all.
Water shoes should be worn also.
Please no Crocs or Wellies

Life Jackets MUST be worn. Our cubs are not old enough to were bouyancy aids. If they want to go on the water with us Life Jackets are a must. We do have a supply in the den but if you have your own all the better.

Please arrive at the den in your gear.
We usually meet at 6.30 on nights we’re on the water.
Make sure to bring a change of clothes, spare footwear, towel and warm hoodie or coat.

The water will be cold, I promise, a sunny day does not mean warm water.

ALL Cubs will be individually checked by one of the Leaders before they leave the den to ensure they’re gear is on correctly and they’re safe to go in the water.

If you have any questions please let us know.

We finished up with a game of arches and headed home

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders





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