Wednesday 2nd April

Hi all,

This week we carried on with our footdrill.
We learned how to fall in two deep and then back into single file.
After that we did our “lessons learned” from the Newgrange Hostel.

We asked everyone for one thing they liked and didn’t like about the hostel.
It’s part of our plan do review

After that we discussed how best to pack a rucksack.
We should pack it ourselves, making sure we tick everything off the kit list.
We should be able to carry it ourselves. We need to think about what we will need first when we reach our destination, swim gear, uniform, pyjamas etc.

After that we played bucket ball.

We finished up with a badge presentation, Sixer, Seconder, Investiture, and Adventure Skills badges were all given out and were well earned.

We did Grand Howl and headed off into the rain.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

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