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Wednesday 26th February

Hi all,

This week we worked on our footdrill which is coming on very well.
After that we were shown the basic scout knots, the clove hitch, the reef knot, the bowline, the sheetbend, the sheepshank, the figure of eight, round turn and two half hitches and the highwayman’s hitch.

We practiced the reef knot and most of us can now do it behind our backs.

We discussed the Cub Hostel.
We are going to Newgrange hostel this year, the weekend of the 29th 30th of March.
The estimated price is €35

More details will follow in the coming weeks

We finished up with skipping and our champion is Jessica with more then 120 jumps.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

Belfast Trip 2014

Photos from the trip can be found here

On Saturday 22nd of February we met at the den for our trip to Belfast.
It was a bright morning as we gathered waiting on the stragglers.
Once Joe the bus driver explained the rules to us we hopped abroad and headed up the M50.
We stopped in the service station for a loo stop and to stretch our legs.
Joe managed to get the DVD player working and we watched The Simpson until we reached Belfast.

Our first stop was Pizza Hut for lunch. Lots of garlic bread, pizzas (meat ones were the favourite) and fizzy pop was consumed in record time.

After that we made our way to the Titanic Exhibition.

Some interesting facts:
– Titanic was 882 feet 9 inches long
– Her total height, measured from the base of the keel to the top of the bridge,     was 104 feet.
– Titanic was equipped with three main engines
– The ship could accommodate 833 First Class Passengers, 614 in Second        Class and 1,006 in Third Class, for a total passenger capacity of 2,453.
  Titanic carried a total of 20 lifeboats:
– Titanic had around 885 crew members on board for her maiden voyage.
– At 11.40 pm on 14 April (ship’s time), lookout Frederick Fleet spotted an  iceberg immediately ahead of Titanic and alerted the bridge.

We learnt about Belfast’s two big industries, linen and ship building. We took a trip on a cart to show us how the ship was built and we watched as we travelled from the hull of the ship through the boiler room up through the bedrooms, dining rooms to the main stairs and onto the bridge.
We had our packed lunch and then we then walked to the dockyard to see the dry dock where the Titanic was built.

For more information on the Titanic Exhibition click here
For the Titanic Wiki page click here

We headed back to the Odessey Arena for the Belfast Giants v Coventry Blaze.
The Giants had been crowned the Elite League Champions for 2013/24 and they raised their championship banner.
Everyone was in full voice and Belfast took and early lead only for it to be cancelled out minutes later. A quiet 2nd period the only highlight was the shout out we got over the PA system.

Into the 3rd and last period things started hotting up. A number of Blaze players got sent off as did their manager.
Rory won a pizza, just what we needed (“,) and at the end the Giants won 3-1
For the full match report and videos click here

Back to the bus where we watched Sinbad and we arrived back in Bray at 12.15, tired but happy.

Photos from the trip can be found here

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

Belfast Trip

Dear Parents

We will meet at the Scout Den at 9.45am (Saturday 22nd) and travel to Belfast (Bus departs at 10am). We will be having lunch in PIzza Hut and then going to the Titanic Exhibition.
After the exhibition we will have an area to eat our packed lunch and will then go to the Odyssey Arena for the Ice Hockey game. We will return to the Den at 11.45pm.

Cubs are asked to bring a packed lunch, drink and raincoat.
Cub jumpers and clean ironed neckerchiefs are also required.

The are permitted to bring small electronic devices (No iPads) but this is entirely at their own risk. They must be left on the bus at all times (no phones games allowed into the Titanic Centre or Ice Hockey Game.

If Cubs wish to bring spending money (sterling) we must insist on a maximum of £10 but no money is necessary.

If you need any further clarification or have any questions please feel free to contact any of the Leaders

Yours in Scouting

The Leaders