Wednesday 29th January

Hi all, Tonight we started off by mixing up Rory’s Rubiks Cube. Thankfully he was able to put it right again, and under 2 minutes. We did the roll and collected our subs Those of us doing the Chief Scouts Award went to the ward room to have a chat about what’s required and what we need to do for next week All the details on the Chief Scout Award can be found HERE The rest of us did some ropework, learning how to tie the Bowline knot. A bow line is a rope that holds the edge of a square sail towards the bow of the ship and into the wind. The bowline is used to make a loop at one end of a line. Click HERE for more information about the Bowline. We took the names of those going to the Belfast Giants and Titanic trip. We finished the night off with Land, Sea and Air and Ship Shore followed by Grand Howl. Yours in Scouting The Leaders

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