Wednesday 11th September

Hi all,

We kicked off the meeting this week with some foot drill.

We concentrated of Backwoods this week. We discussed what clothes to wear when out in nature and the importance of having the correct clothes for all types of weather and environment. We talked about preparing food when out and the importance of hygiene.

Heather took half the pack and explained how to make a shelter while Rory took the rest and explained how to use a mallet, bush saw, knife and an axe.
Safety was the priority for each and using them only for what they are designed for.
NB Cubs are not allowed use bush saws, knives and axes. Only when they move to Scouts and are trained and prove to be competent are they ok to us them.

We finished the night with a game of arches.

Remember your research “10 useful things for a survival kit”

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

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