Wednesday 29th May

Hi all,

Tonight was our first night on the water for the new boating season.
Having gone through water safety and been shown the equipment we would be using a few weeks ago we got our gear on and prepared for an evening on the ocean waves.

We go the sit on canoes and paddles ready, and then got our life jackets.
Each of us were checked by one of the Leaders before we got out the gate.

We carried the boats to the water and again were told of the importance of water safety.

And then off we went, although it was a lovely evening the water was FREEZING.
After about 5 minutes in it though we soon forgot about the cold and had great fun for the night.

It ended too soon as it looked like someone had pulled the plug in the harbour.

We was down the boats, rinsed the paddles and life jackets and put them away.

Then we got changed and headed home.

Thanks to the instructor who helped out tonight Cormac, Stevie Laura and especially Robbie.

Check out our photos from tonight canoeing HERE

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

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