Wild Frontier Camp 2013

Howdy Partners,

Well what a great camp. We had great weather, great activities, great friends and most important of all great fun.

So what exactly happened in Powerscourt Creek during the Wild Frontier Camp? Well keep reading then check out our gallery HERE

 Friday 24th

The Chiefs set up camp during the day in preparation for the invasion of Cowboys and Indians.
The Teepees were pitched, the Bunkhouses were built and the Chuck Wagon stock full of food. The Outhouse for both Braves and Squaws were delivered and wanted posters for a villainous gang were posted about the ranch.

At around 7.30pm the Cowboys and Indians started to arrive, saddle bags packed to bursting. After sorting themselves into their gangs and tribes they headed to the teepees and bunkhouses to get their gear stowed away.

Some time was spent investigating the plains, the creek was found quickly followed by Tin Can Alley.

Decorating of the homesteads began in earnest, brushes brushed, dust flew, pine cones were gathered and flowers picked. And that was just the boys. Paths were made, campfires built, welcome signs created, garlands hung and soon the camp resembled the Chelsea Flower Show.

Later in the evening the US Marshals rode into town and rounded everyone up to go for a hike. Soon we reached The German Tunnels. These dark, dank and scary tunnels make the Mines of Moria look like a walk in Powerscourt Gardens. However due to the excellent leadership of the Marshalls all our brave Cowboys and Indians survived and returned back to the ranch.

A supper of hot chocolate and beaver soup was ready on their return. And off to bed they went.

 Saturday 25th

After a great nights sleep (ahem) the ranch headed to the Chuck Wagon for chow. A breakfast of Coco Pine Cones, Rice Squirrels and sausages were devoured.
A clean up was then carried out starting with the teepees and bunkhouses.
Gear was packed away, bed rolls laid out neat and tidily and teddy bears straightened. The standard was extremely high once the lads had seen what a good job the girls had done.

After inspection by the Chiefs a litter walk was done throughout the ranch.
The importances of Leave No Trace was explained to them, camp and go, leaving no trace that you had been there. We don’t want outlaws following our trail.

Once we were tidy we changed into our wet gear and headed to the creek. Just before we did a posse six strong rode through the camp. Although they didn’t capture any of us we remained on our toes for the rest of the weekend. The Cowboys were captured and the scalping begun. Armed with balloons covered in shaving foam and safety razors the Indians began their gruesome task. And very soon the Cowboys joined in and started scalping the Indians.

The foam flowed, balloons were popped and everyone had a fantastic time. As this was happening some of them took time to pan for gold in the creek. Rumour has it a rich vein runs through Powerscourt Creek but alas there ain’t gold in dem dar hills.

Once everyone was dried off and changed lunch was dished up. This time the chow was made up of rabbit and cheese sandwiches with fruit to follow. When lunch was finished, the Elders arrived to take us on a trek to Powerscourt Waterfall. There were many other tribes there but we managed to have a great time on in the playground and the spider web. Thankfully there was no Mohicans hiding behind the waterfall so we got back to the ranch safely.

The evening was made up of swing ball, Tin Can Alley, football, falling into the creek, losing teeth, hurting eyes, cutting fingers and basically making a mess of ourselves.

Redemption came in the shape of moose burgers and chips for dinner with Swiss roll for dessert.

When dinner was done we gathered firewood for the night’s campfire. The seats were gathered and we sat around the campfire warming our bones. Two Indians were presented with Special Interest badges and we invested a Cowboy. Songs were sung, tales were told, dances danced and jokes were told. In the middle of this a canoe carrying six Indians passed us by. They had no food, nor drink, nor money but still they were happy. Marshmallows were toasted, hot water bottles filled and hot chocolate drank and we went to bed.

 Sunday 26th

After a great nights sleep (at last) we were rudely awoken by the Chiefs. Teepees needed to be struck, bunkhouses dismantled and the prairie cleaned.

We had Coco Pine Cones, Rice Squirrels and sausages again and once the ranch was clear we were taught how to build tripods, very handy to support the totem poles we decorated shortly afterwards.

And so at 12.30 as the sun was high over the Rockies the Elders once again arrived on the steeds to take us home to our own tribes.

Everyone got a certificate to show they had survived the Wild Frontier Camp 2013. Not only did we survive, we really enjoyed it and thanks to Jóhonaa éí the Navajo sun God we got through the whole weekend without a drop of rain.

As always we must pay our thanks

To Powerscourt Creek Ranchers for allowing us to camp, thanks
To the US Marshals for assisting the Chiefs all weekend, thanks
To the Elders for dropping and collecting the Cowboys and Indians, the lifts to the waterfall and help in clearing the ranch, thanks
To the Cowboys, Cowgirls and Indians who played well, looked after each other, behaved themselves and had great fun, thanks
And of course to the Chiefs, without whom none of this would have happened, thanks

Some of our favourite quotes from the camp
‘Can we capture  you and claim our reward on the poster?’
‘Can I see Bernie because my head has been split open?’
After picking up a peg ‘I’ve got a hooker’
‘Where’s the bin?’

And the Tale of the Not Missing Pyjamas
A special pyjama top went missing on Saturday Morning.
The Cowboy told the Chief who told him to check his rucksack and his sleeping bag.
The pyjama top could not be found
The Chief asked the other Cowboys in the bunkhouse to check their rucksacks and sleeping bags.
The pyjama top could not be found
The Chief asked the Cowboys to check the entire bunkhouse.
The pyjama top could not be found
A Cowboy from the tent and had gone home early, the Chief texted that Cowboy’s mum.
The pyjama top could not be found
The Cowboy found the pyjama top!

Why could no-one else find the pyjama top?  Because the Cowboy was wearing it under his clothes all along!

The Chiefs

Gallery HERE

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