Wednesday 17th April

Hi all,

We spoke again about our Specials Interest Badges, make sure to continue working on them, Plan Do Review.

Some great ideas for SI Badges were discussed, including Pet Care, Writing and Woodcarving.

So get your thinking caps on and remember the Plan Do Review

After that half the group played some games while Rory and Cormac took the newer Cubs outside to go over the Axe, Saw and Knife.

NB No Cubs are EVER allowed to use any of these.
Only when they have moved to Scouts and then be instructed, tested and permitted by the Leaders will they be allowed near them.
This exercise was to demystify them and to make sure the Cubs understand just how dangerous they can be.

Both Rory and Cormac showed them the parts of each tool, how to use them safely and how to care for them.

To finish we went around the whole pack including the Leaders and introduced ourselves and told one interesting fact about ourselves.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

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