Wednesday 13th March

Hi all,

This week we started off with some footdrill. Falling it at alert and at ease, then we turned right and left.
Great improvements are being made.

We then played countries, the tricky one was Australia, the capital is Canberra not Sydney as some of us thought.

After that we split into groups to discuss our Special Interest badge work.

There are five Special Interest Badge areas
1. Skills
2. Adventure
3. Physical
4. Community
5. Environment

To get the badge we have to:
1.  Pick your subject or interest
2. Decide what Special Interest Area your subject or interest falls into
3. Design your challenge with your Leader
4. Complete the challenge in the agreed time
5. Wear your badge with pride

We finished with Grand Howl and off we went.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders


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