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Cub closed for Easter Holidays

Hi all,

Please note there is no Cub meeting for the next two weeks as we are taking our Easter break.

Our next meeting will be on April 10th.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

Wednesday 20th March

Hi all,

This week we welcomed two new Cubs you have joined us from Tuesday Beavers.
We did some footdrill which is coming along really really well.

After that Rory and Heather took the Cubs to be invested to the ward room to go over the Promise, the Law, the Motto, History of Scouting and the Scout Handshake. Everyone was ready for investiture.

We did some arts and crafts making Easter chick and rabbit glove puppets.
At the same time it gave us some practice for when we sew our badges onto our jumpers.

Finally we had our investiture, it is always a special occasion investing new Cubs into our Pack.
It was extra special as we also invested Heather as our newest Leader.

Remember there is no Cubs for 2 week due to Easter. We’re back on the 10th April.

Have a great Easter

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders


Wednesday 13th March

Hi all,

This week we started off with some footdrill. Falling it at alert and at ease, then we turned right and left.
Great improvements are being made.

We then played countries, the tricky one was Australia, the capital is Canberra not Sydney as some of us thought.

After that we split into groups to discuss our Special Interest badge work.

There are five Special Interest Badge areas
1. Skills
2. Adventure
3. Physical
4. Community
5. Environment

To get the badge we have to:
1.  Pick your subject or interest
2. Decide what Special Interest Area your subject or interest falls into
3. Design your challenge with your Leader
4. Complete the challenge in the agreed time
5. Wear your badge with pride

We finished with Grand Howl and off we went.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders


Wednesday 6th March

Hi all,

Tonight we had some highs and lows.

The high was welcoming our new Cubs, Adam, Sean and Beth up from Beavers and Richard who joins us from Friday Night Cubs.
All are very welcome and we’re sure they’ll enjoy their continued Scouting journey with us.

The low was losing our Senior Sixers as they move on to Scouts.
Niamh, Ailbhe, Jade, Cian, Sammy and Jack P are all moving up to Scouts.
We all in Wednesday Night Cubs wish them well and would like to say what a pleasure it has been to have them in our Cubs over the last few years.

We played the Island game tonight and Ship Shore.

We did our Easter Egg Hunt, postponed from the Hostel.
Everyone was happy with the results, especially the Leaders who got to eat the leftover eggs.

Fiona asked us to think about Badge Work between now and the end of Cubs before the summer break.
If there are any Special Interest Badges you’re interested in pursuing, have a think about it and speak to one of the Leaders about Planning, Doing and Reviewing the badge.

More info HERE

The Senior Sixers led us in Grand Howl and off we went.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders