Wednesday 27th February

Hi all,

This week we talked about the Dublin Hostel. All those who went agreed that it was a great success.

We promoted Sammy and Jack P to Senior Sixer, congratulations to both.

A number of our Cubs will be moving to Scouts shortly and we wish them well in their next stage in Scouting.

We played a new game tonight “Russian Wrestling”
With arms folded like the Cossack Dancers and hopping on one leg the aim is to push your opponent out of the ring, or in our case a square.
Great fun was had and it’s certainly something we’ll do again.

After that we had a Fire Drill, and let’s just say there’s room for improvement (“,)

  1. On 3 whistles or rings of the bell you make your way calmly to the nearest exit following the Leaders instructions.
  2. Do not stop to gather your belongings, coats, bags etc.
  3. The gathering point is the Anchor at the harbour.
  4. Once there form into your Sixes so each Sixer and or Seconder can do a head count.
  5. The Leaders will have done a sweep of the building to ensure everyone is out.
  6. The Leaders will have the roll to ensure everyone is out.
  7. DO NOT return to the den unless told to by the Leaders.

We then did some drawing learning to draw dogs, cats, bears and crickets amongst loads of others.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders


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