Wednesday 6th February

Hi all,

This week we practiced out footdrill again, standing at alert, at ease and we then fell in two deep and back in to single file.

We played ladders twice and managed to escape unharmed.

We discussed fire safety both at home and in the Den.
We need to make sure to check the smoke alarms at home and ensure that everyone in the house knows what to do and where to go in the case of a fire.

The signal to evacuate the Den is 3 short blasts on a whistle by a Leader.
The meeting point for Cubs is at the Anchor Statue in the harbor. 

We have to make our way out of the den using one of the three fire escapes in an orderly fashion making sure not to stop for coats etc.
We make our way to the Anchor and stay there in our sixes to make sure the Leaders can account for everyone.

Sixers and Seconders should take note of how many of their Six is down each night.

No one once out is allowed to return to the Den until giving the all clear by the fire services.

We will carry out a fire drill in the next month,

After that we had a quick discussion about the Glendalough Hostel, please check both the note handed out and the note on this site for more details.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

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