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Wednesday 30th January

Hi all,

Last night we began with foot drill, learning how to stand at alert, at ease and standing easy. We also learned how to fall in 2 deep and after a few attempts we got quite good at it.

After that we congratulated Sean Plunkett on his trophy win in Kick Boxing, a great achievement.
He even sparred with Rory to show off some of his skills.
We discussed the trip to see the Ulster Folk Park and the Belfast Giants and we were all in agreement that is was a great day. Adrienne heard back from the Giants thanking us for coming to the game and they look forward to seeing us again in the future.

We had a quiz, a crossword and a spot the difference.

After that the new Sixers and Seconders were announced and were presented with their badges. We were then split up into our new Sixes.

The new Sixers are

  • Jack H
  • Jack P
  • Sam
  • Mark 
  • Cillian

The new Seconders are

  • Stella
  • Cian
  • Sammy
  • Erin
  • Matthew

Congratulations to all.
Make sure the new badges are sewn on for next week, Beaver badges are removed (don’t throw them in the bin) and kneckerchiefs are ironed.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

Belfast Giants Trip 26th Jan 2012

Hi all,

Make sure to check our some of our photos from the trip under the Gallery page.

Click HERE for game highlights

What a day we had, we all met at the den at 9.30.
We made sure everyone was there and sorted out our buddies for the day.
We put our bags on the bus and at 10am we headed for Belfast.
It was great to see an old friend of Wednesday Night Cubs, Joe Barnes who was our driver for the day so we knew we were in safe hands.

At 11.30 we pulled into the service station at Lusk for a loo break and to stretch our legs. After 20 minutes we hit the road again and spent the trip watching Simpsons episodes.

We reached the Ulster Folk Park at 1.30 and went to the Parochial Hall where we had our lunch. We split into groups and were assigned Scouts and Venturers to go round the park with us.

There were lots of old houses and shops that we were able to go into and look around to see what life was like years ago.
Some of the shops we saw included a Sweet Shop (very popular) an Iron Monger,  a Public House, the Chemist and Doctor’s Surgery.
We saw the Police Station and the Barracks, only Rory was tall enough to join the RIC (Royal Irish Constabulary).
We saw the old School Hall and we came to the conclusion that school these days is a lot better.
In the Coal Yard we saw a little show explaining the importance of coal to both  Ulster Linen and the Ship building industry.

The Sweet Shop was the highlight and the outdoor toilets caused quite a shock.
We collected our bags and headed for the bus for our trip to the Odessey Arena.

We arrived there at 5pm and went straight to Pizza Hut for our dinner.
We had garlic bread, and different types of pizzas and drinks. When we were finished we were able to get ice cream, we got so much that they had to reload the machine a couple of times.

At about 6.30 we headed into the Ice Hockey arena itself. We had great seats 3 rows from the front so were sure we would see some action.
At 7pm the game started, the Belfast Giants -v- the Edinburgh Capitals.
The game was really fast, there were some big tackles with guys getting squashed against the barriers and a couple of fights which seemed to go down very well with the whole crowd. Lots of music, lots of dancing and lots of cheering.
We even got a shout out over the PA system.
Although none of us got a sub or a packet of crisps that they threw into the crowd we had a fantastic time.
And to top it off the Giants won the game 5 – 0
We gathered together in the lobby to do what seemed like the hundredth head count of the day and were given a Belfast Giants pencil case as a souvenir of our trip. We walked back to the bus and were soon on our way back to Bray.

We were collected at 12.30, exhausted but with huge smiles on our faces.
And another great trip to Belfast was over.

A big thanks to, Gary, Cormac, Stevie, Adam, David, Caitlin, Aoife, Heather, Brian, Sarah and Lexi for helping us throughout the day.

A huge thanks to Joe our driver for getting us there and back on time and safely.

And thanks to all the Cubs who came with us. All very well behaved as usual and they did Wednesday Night Cubs proud.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

Belfast Trip Details

Hi all,

Please take note of the following.

  • Meet at the Scout den at 9.30am Saturday (Bus is leaving at 10)
  • Bring raincoat and hat
  • Sensible shoes/runners/boots, we’ll be walking a lot in the folk park.
  • Bring a packed lunch and a drink
  • We are due back to the den at 12.30am Sunday
  • Please ensure that the parent/guardian collecting your Cub gives their mobile number to a Leader. This way we can ensure you get updates on our return time.
  • You MUST wear your kneckerchief

As always if you have any questions please contact one of the Leaders.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

Wednesday 23rd January

Hi all,

This week we went through our trip to Belfast this Saturday.
Please see the note and text for details.

We played bucketball for the rest of the night and had a great time.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

Belfast Giants and Ulster Folk Park Trip

Dear Parents,

We are finalising arrangements for the trip to Belfast on the 26th January.
Some of the times below are approximate, we will confirm everything by text and on this site over the next week.

We will be leaving the Den in Bray at 9.00am on Saturday 26th January, there will be about 18/20 Cubs travelling.  All four leaders will be travelling with the cubs, Adrienne, Karen, Fiona and Rory, we will also have Cormac and Heather who have been helping out in Cubs for the past few months.  In addition, we are hoping to have David and Sarah Scouts/Ventures, so there will be more than enough adults with the children.

We should arrive at the Ulster Folk Park, which is in Hollywood, about 5 miles north of Belfast, at about lunchtime, and the Cubs will be having their packed lunch before spending 2/3 hours in the park.  The bus will then pick us up and bring us to the Odyssey centre where we will have dinner in Pizza Hut and then go directly into the game.

The bus will pick us up immediately after the game at the Odyssey, at 9.30pm and we will head straight for home.  I would expect the journey to take about 2 ½ hours but we can text parents when we get close to home.

We won’t be in Belfast city centre, and there will be very little opportunity for the Cubs to go shopping.  If they wish, they could bring a small amount of sterling cash to buy sweets etc.  at the Folk Park.  We would also discourage the Cubs from bringing expensive electronic games & phones, they would have to be left on the bus, and we could not be responsible for their safe-keeping.

 If you have any questions or concerns about the day, please contact one of the leaders. We have made trip a number of times over the past few years, and have always had a very enjoyable day.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

Wednesday 16th January

Hi all,

This week we discussed our trip to the Belfast Giants game and the Ulster Folk Park.
Please see the note for full details.
We also played Arches and Pairs game.

Yours in Scouting

The Leaders

Belfast Giants Trip

Hi all,

Please confirm if your child is going on the Belfast Giants 26th January by texting one of the Leaders.
Please make sure to include their name in the text.
€50, Bus from the Den to Ulster Folk Park, Pizza Hut and the Belfast Giants match in the Odessy Arena.

Further details will follow.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

Wednesday 10th January

Hi all,

A very warm welcome back to our Cubs.
We started the New Year off with a quick round the room survey to see what Santa had brought and it was nice to see that all our Cubs had been very good last year.
Amongst the presents were cameras, play-stations  books, phones, Lego (my favourite) and a sewing machine.

We played land sea and air and wink wink murder.

A couple of notes

1. Belfast Giants trip will be taking part on Sat 26th January, trip will cost €50 euros and include bus, tickets, folk park entrance and lunch.
A text with all the details will be sent out in the next day or two please make sure you reply whether going or not.

2 Our Glendalough hostel trip will take place on the 23rd February. This is our annual overnight stay and is always one of the highlights of the year.
Prices and full details to follow.

As always if you need more information please feel free to contact one of the Leaders or drop in to talk to us on a Wednesday night.

Here’s to another great year for Wednesday Night Cubs.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

Cubs back this Wednesday

Hi all,

Please note that Cubs are back this Wednesday 9th Jan.
Usual time 7pm to 8.10pm and usual place.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders