Wednesday 7th November

Hi all

This week we were back with a bang after a break for Halloween.
We went around the pack and told everyone what costumes we wore when trick or treating. A couple of great costumes, Dorothy, Zombies, Dead Brides, Lego.

We also called out if we got something strange in our bags and Harry was the hands down winner getting Pineapple chunks, so avoid Harry’s road next year.

We then did the letters game and no one managed to name a food beginning with Z until last night when Rory came up with Zucchini (only a week late)

We were given our 12 Days of Christmas tickets.
Remember ALL the money from the tickets sold goes straight back to the group.

A prize for whoever sells the most tickets will be awarded.

We did Grand Howl and went home.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

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