Wednesday 10th October

Hi all,

Tonight we welcomed 8 new Cubs, up from Beavers to our pack.

We also said farewell to Eleanor and Oleg who are both moving up to Scouts. We wish them well on their journey and thank them for the great example they set for the younger Cubs.

We played Ship Shore with Heather calling out the instructions. And as luck and a lot of skill and practice would have it, Eleanor won.

After that we were presented with out Air Activities Stage 1 badges (which will be sewn on our jumpers by next week)

After that we started off on Backwoods Stage 1. Backwoods basically means living off the land, building shelters, cooking without utensils and surviving.

For next week we have to write a list of what we think should go in a survival kit (lunchbox size)

Eleanor led us in Grand Howl and we went home.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

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