Wednesday 3rd October

Hi all,

This week we collected our subs, savings for the Belfast Giants trip and our insurance.

We played Land, Sea and Air with Simon Says thrown in.
We did some footdrill and learned this week how to turn right, turn left and turn about.

We went over the last steps for our Air Activities stage 1.
Please make sure you have a drawing of a flying object and a picture of an airport down next week if you haven’t already. Without them you can’t earn the badge.

We then had some food fun, we were split into 3 teams.
Round 1
We had to run up and try and eat as many dry cream crackers in 20 seconds as we could before handing over to the team member.
Round 2
We then had to eat as many baked beans one at a time using a cocktail stick.
Round 3
For the final round we had to try and eat doughnuts with out licking our fingers or our lips.

And so with full stomachs we did Grand Howl and went home

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

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