Wednesday 26th September

Hi all,

This week we started with some foot drill learning how to stand at alert and at ease.
We collect our subs and our savings for the Belfast Giants trip (remember you can pay a little each week)

We then played the Light House game.
This is to teach us how to light a match safely.
The most important thing is to never light a match unless we have a responsible  adult with us and to always strike the match away from us.
We got into 3 lines and had to run up the hall, run around a bag three times (running up the stairs of the lighthouse) then carefully take a match from the box, light it then light a candle, then blow them both out and run back so the next person could go.

After the game we continued with our Air Activities Stage 1 badge, Rory, Heather and Cormac looked at the pictures of flying things that we had to draw.
(If you didn’t bring them down this week make sure to bring them next week)
We then had to draw a plan of an airport including all the important features and make an air-plane from plasticine.

Remember to bring them back next week so they can be checked.

You did Grand Howl and went home.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

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