Group Camp

Hi all,

Another great Group Camp in Lough Dan.
On Saturday we had plenty to do with the bog run, tug of war, wide games and the bouncy castles.
When we eventually got the muck out of our ears we had a snack and got our rooms together.

After a lovely dinner we went down to the campfire, Cecil the Spider was a favourite.

Once the campfire was finished we made our way back to the hostel for hot chocolate and a snack and we settled down to watch the The Bee Movie before bed.

After breakfast on Sunday we got our gear together before spending some time out on the lake in the skiff and the sit-ons

After lunch we got our gear to the barn helped clear up and we fell in for the closing ceremony.

We went home dirty, tired, smelly but with loads of great memories.

Can’t wait for next year

Your in Scouting
The Leaders

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