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Wednesday 26th September

Hi all,

This week we started with some foot drill learning how to stand at alert and at ease.
We collect our subs and our savings for the Belfast Giants trip (remember you can pay a little each week)

We then played the Light House game.
This is to teach us how to light a match safely.
The most important thing is to never light a match unless we have a responsible  adult with us and to always strike the match away from us.
We got into 3 lines and had to run up the hall, run around a bag three times (running up the stairs of the lighthouse) then carefully take a match from the box, light it then light a candle, then blow them both out and run back so the next person could go.

After the game we continued with our Air Activities Stage 1 badge, Rory, Heather and Cormac looked at the pictures of flying things that we had to draw.
(If you didn’t bring them down this week make sure to bring them next week)
We then had to draw a plan of an airport including all the important features and make an air-plane from plasticine.

Remember to bring them back next week so they can be checked.

You did Grand Howl and went home.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

Wednesday 19th September

Hi all,

This week  we collected our subs and money for Belfast Giants trip.
Remember if you want to go you can pay a little each week.

We were introduced to our new Leader,  Heather. She’s Karen’s, Adrienne’s and Fiona’s niece and one of Rory’s Scouts so we have to be super nice to her.

We played ladders, and then we covered stage 1 of the Air Activities badge.
We made and decorated paper planes as part of the badge.

Don’t forget to have any questions for the Astronomy Ireland night in soon.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

Group Camp

Hi all,

Another great Group Camp in Lough Dan.
On Saturday we had plenty to do with the bog run, tug of war, wide games and the bouncy castles.
When we eventually got the muck out of our ears we had a snack and got our rooms together.

After a lovely dinner we went down to the campfire, Cecil the Spider was a favourite.

Once the campfire was finished we made our way back to the hostel for hot chocolate and a snack and we settled down to watch the The Bee Movie before bed.

After breakfast on Sunday we got our gear together before spending some time out on the lake in the skiff and the sit-ons

After lunch we got our gear to the barn helped clear up and we fell in for the closing ceremony.

We went home dirty, tired, smelly but with loads of great memories.

Can’t wait for next year

Your in Scouting
The Leaders

Wednesday 12th September

This week we discussed the upcoming Group Camp.
Please check out our post for details.

We spoke about our planned trip to see the Belfast Giants play Ice Hockey.
This is hopefully happening in January, Cormac will be keeping us up to date as to how the team is getting on in the league.
Keep an eye on the website for a dedicated Belfast Giants page>

We went through Camping Adventure Skills Stage 1 and we hope to get some of Stage 2 done on the Group Camp.

We played “Arches” and “Simon Says” tonight, Jamie and Jack P won Simon Says.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

Annual Subs

There was an error in the note sent home last week.
Subs are €125 not €120 as per the note.

The usual discount is available for those with siblings in the Group.

Please contact any of the Leaders with any questions/concerns

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

Lough Dan Group Camp

We will meet at 1pm, please make sure to have lunch before you come up as we will be starting activities straight away.
There will be a bog run and jumping into the lake on Saturday so please bring a complete change of clothes, wetsuit if you have one and old runners.
Showers are available so bring a towel and shampoo. A BBQ will be held (for free) at the hostel. Parents and families are welcome to stay and participate.
We will finish at 5pm.

For those staying overnight in the hostel we are canoeing on Sunday so an extra change of clothes is needed.

We will finish on Sunday at 1pm.
Please contact the Leaders if you have any queries

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

Wednesday 5th September

Our first night back after a soggy summer.
We did the roll call and collect our subs.

After that we talked about the Group Camp in Lough Dan on Saturday 15th September.
Some of the Cubs are staying over night on the Saturday.
They have to be at Lough Dan on the Saturday at 1pm and will finish at 1pm on Sunday.

Everyone else going has to be at Lough Dan on the Saturday at 1pm and we’ll finish at 5pm.
There will be water activities so make sure to bring your wet/boating gear, bouncy castles and a BBQ. Parents and kids are welcome to stay.

Subs are now due, the cost again this year is €120 with the usual discount for siblings.
Anyone moving to Scouts at the end of September will need to to pay the Scout fee of €230 (the Scouts do not pay any weekly fee and do not close during the summer)
Subs must be paid by 17th October
Please feel free to contact any of the Leaders in confidence if you have any queries

Please ensure all PC Med forms are complete and up to date>

Watch this place for more news and upcoming events.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders



We’re Back!!!

That’s right, after a long (and soggy summer) Cubs are back tonight.

Usual time 7-8.10 and usual place.
Please make sure to wear your full clean uniform and to bring your One Programme books with you.

We’ve a great programme planned from now until Christmas but more of that later.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders