Wednesday 16th May

Tonight we had a look at the boats and learned their different parts. First we were shown a canoe the front is called the bow, the back is the stern, the right side is starboard and the left is port. We were shown the difference between a canoe and kayak paddle. We were then shown a kayak and were told about a capsize drill. But we won’t have to do it phew!!!
We were finally shown the sit ons. Mark from Friday night scouts showed us some gear we’ll wear.

After that Brian took us down to the slip and showed us the different birds. He told us about the swans and how we should be careful near them and not to upset them. He folds us about the ducks and geese and we were given a list of birds to see which ones we can spot in Bray.

We finished with a game of Land Sea Air did Grand Howl then went home.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

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