Wednesday 2nd May

We started with inspection tonight, which will now include our new Cub books. We were then shown how to pack our rucksack for camp. It’s very important that we carry all our gear in the one bag and that we pack our bags ourselves.

We then learned about semaphore, morse code and the phonetic alphabet and their uses.

We had our Pack photo taken and the Leaders had theirs taken for our new display cabinet in the den.

For next week we have to learn how to spell our first name using semaphore.

We all got notes on the following.
– kit list
– how to pack a rucksack
– semaphore
– morse code
– phonetic alphabet
– the Cub website

If you missed a note ask one of the leaders for them next week. It’s important to keep all the notes.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

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