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Wednesday 30th May

Wow what a night to be on the water. The Gods we learned about last week were certainly smiling on us and made sure we had a super evening for paddling. We all arrived down early to make the most of our time on the water.

All our gear and life jackets were checked by the Leaders before we were allowed out. We were then given some rules to follow to make sure we had a great time but were safe.

Out we went, some of us swimming and some of us on the sit ons.

We even made a big raft with the canoes and then tried to run across the backs of them. Most of us just well into the water though.

We finished up and brought all the boats and paddles back into the den.

We had a warm shower, got changed and then headed home tried but happy.

A special thanks to Cormac, Sarah, Robbie, Aoife and Caitlin who made sure we were safe on the water and helped us tidy up and wash the boats.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

On the water Wednesday 30th May

Don’t forget that we’re meeting at the earlier time of 6.40pm this week and finishing at 8.15pm.

Remember to come down in your wet gear and to bring a change of warm clothes (including footwear) and a towel.
Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

Calling all Cubs, calling all Cubs

Do you have the best idea ever?, do you have the best joke, riddle, puzzle ever?

Do you have the best collection? the best picture, best sculpture ever?

If so and you’d like to share it send it to Rory at

The Leaders will take a look and if we like it we’ll put it on the site.

And if you don’t have any of the above, put down the DS, turn off the telly, go out into the fresh air and come up with something

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

Wednesday 23rd May

What a great night to be out on the water. Unfortunately for us we’re not on the water until next week.

As part of our SPICES we learnt about different religions. We discovered that each religion has it’s own holy book, it’s own place of worship and it’s own holidays and days of rest.
For next week we have to learn a little about another religion.

We then went down to the beach to go over what we need to know for stage 1of the Paddling adventure skill. We needed to know about life jackets, the buddy system, what the front and back of a boat are called.

The last part we need to do is to take part in an activity on the water, which we’ll do next week.

So remember we’re on the water Wednesday 30th of May. Come down wearing your wet gear and bring a towel and warm clothes to change into.

Don’t forget that we’re meeting at the earlier time of 6.40pm next week and finishing at 8.15pm

Keep an eye icon the website for updates.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

Wednesday 16th May

Tonight we had a look at the boats and learned their different parts. First we were shown a canoe the front is called the bow, the back is the stern, the right side is starboard and the left is port. We were shown the difference between a canoe and kayak paddle. We were then shown a kayak and were told about a capsize drill. But we won’t have to do it phew!!!
We were finally shown the sit ons. Mark from Friday night scouts showed us some gear we’ll wear.

After that Brian took us down to the slip and showed us the different birds. He told us about the swans and how we should be careful near them and not to upset them. He folds us about the ducks and geese and we were given a list of birds to see which ones we can spot in Bray.

We finished with a game of Land Sea Air did Grand Howl then went home.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

Camp postponed

With regret we have to postpone the camp until 22nd 23rd of June due to wet and cold weather. For a full refund or to hold the camp fees for the next date please speak to one of the Leaders.


Yours in Scouting

The Leaders

The Scouting Trail

Check out the Scouting Trail under Stuff.
All you need for your Scouting journey

Wednesday 9th May

Fiona let us play “snap the rasher” without a real rasher (“,)

After that we had our roll call and Karen took names of everyone going to the camp in Powerscourt.

We then learned about water safety and about the gear we need when on the water. We should have a wetsuit, old runners, warm jumper and a towel. Most important of all is our Life Jacket, it must have a collar and must have crotch straps. The Leaders will check all our gear before we get on the water.

For more information on Water Safety please check our Water Safety page in the Stuff Tab 

We got a note about the camp which is on  our Website home page.

We did Grand Howl and went home

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders

Powerscourt Camp (Please read)

Dear Parents,

On Friday 18th May the Cubs will be camping for the weekend in Powerscourt, the cost will be €40 (€30 for siblings).   Enclosed are the Permission to Camp (PC) form and a kit list of what the Cubs should bring with them.  The PC form must be completed and given to one of the Leaders before the camp.

The Camp is weather dependant and we will decide on Tuesday 15th if we will postpone the camp due to wet weather and have it in June instead.  The three Cub packs (Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday) are camping together; there will be approx 90 people at the camp.  The theme of the Camp will be the Olympics.  Any of the Leaders will be happy to answer any queries you may have.  If your child has to leave the camp for a match, birthday party etc. please let us know.  We intend on going to Powerscourt Waterfall on Saturday afternoon.

While the kit list tells you what the Cubs should bring with them, we would like to emphasize that it can get quite cold at night and an airbed helps to keep the cold out – the Leaders will have pumps to blow up the airbeds.  Also an extra blanket and a fleece to wear in bed would be good, it also helps to have a hot water bottle (a teddy is good too!).  No matter how many socks they bring, they nearly always run out – either by walking in the wet grass with no shoes on or by leaving them on the ground for people to walk on, so please ensure they bring plenty.   We have large new tents which we bought last year; the Cubs can easily walk around in them with plenty of space in the porch for the Cubs gear.   (There will be five Cubs per tent and Wednesday Cubs will be kept together)

The Cubs will meet at Powerscourt at 7.30pm on Friday 18th May and finish on Sunday 20th at 1.00pm.  Entrance is though the Golden Gates (now painted black!) near the hump-backed bridge.  We can give you directions if you need them; there is no access to the campsite from the main Powerscourt entrance.  There is a combination lock on the gate; we will be given the number by the Warden’s next week.  It is very important that the gate is kept locked at all times.

On the Friday morning (18th) some of the Leaders and some helpers will be bringing gear to the campsite and putting up as many tents as we can (meeting at 9.30am and finishing at 1pm).  If there are any parents available to help with this please let one of the Leaders know. We have approx 15 tents and the kitchen and marque to put up.  Likewise, on Sunday 20th, if anyone is available to help with taking down tents/bringing gear to the Scout Den etc. please let us know.  If you can’t help with this, maybe you could take a bag of rubbish home on Sunday.  Any offers of help will be much appreciated.

Wednesday 2nd May

We started with inspection tonight, which will now include our new Cub books. We were then shown how to pack our rucksack for camp. It’s very important that we carry all our gear in the one bag and that we pack our bags ourselves.

We then learned about semaphore, morse code and the phonetic alphabet and their uses.

We had our Pack photo taken and the Leaders had theirs taken for our new display cabinet in the den.

For next week we have to learn how to spell our first name using semaphore.

We all got notes on the following.
– kit list
– how to pack a rucksack
– semaphore
– morse code
– phonetic alphabet
– the Cub website

If you missed a note ask one of the leaders for them next week. It’s important to keep all the notes.

Yours in Scouting
The Leaders